How to unroot and return US Cellular Galaxy S5 back to stock (SM-G900R4)

Unlike the Verizon or AT&T variants, the US Cellular Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-G900R4) sold with an unlocked bootloader, hoping that there are some advanced users are interested switching into their service. Along with Sprint and T-Mobile, the USC Galaxy S5 have managed to achieve root with the help of CF-Auto-Root by Chainfire. This is just the beginning, after root access, the chance to mods our phone will be more wide open. But just in case, it won’t hurt to know how to unroot and revert your US Cellular Galaxy S5 back to stock condition, simply because we never know when bad things happens.


If one day your device has a problem, the initial step you should take is to accomplish a factory reset, if this option does not successfully help you resolve the problem on your smartphone, then you should think about unroot and restoring your US Cellular Galaxy S5 (SM-G900R4) back to stock. As this is the last you can do, another reason is because the steps are pretty easy to follow even by a newbie.

Initial procedures you should do before back to stock is backed up your entire data, since everything in the internal memory storage will be wiped, including your photos, videos, documents, contacts, messages, installed apps and every little thing. Utilize Dropbox or another cloud storage service to backup your content.

However, there is one thing that cannot be restored through this procedure, KNOX WARRANTY VOID counter, you can see in the download mode, when you carry out a CF-Auto-Root method, then it will trigger to 0x1 and so far, no one has been able to reset the counter.


  • A Windows-based PC, since Odin is unable to run on Mac or Linux.
  • Newest version of Samsung Galaxy S5 USB Drivers.
  • Odin Flash Tool v.3.07 or v3.09.
  • A USC Samsung Galaxy S5 stock firmware, US Cellular model is SM-G900R4, really don’t utilize an older release of the stock firmware.
  • An original Samsung USB cable for a better connectivity.
  • Recharge your battery, at least 50%.
us cellular galaxy s5 unroot back to stock

Image: US Cellular / Samsung

Unroot and return US Cellular Galaxy S5 back to stock with Odin tool

  1. Extract the zipped firmware file for SM-G900R4, you’ll see a file with “.tar.md5” extension after extraction.
  2. Look for the Odin app, then run it by double-click on the file.
  3. Right after Odin window appearing, choose “PDA” button and point to where you save the firmware with “.tar.md5” file.
  4. Take a look at Option spot, make sure that only two options are marked (Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time).
  5. odin recognize

    Device detected

  6. Plug the USC Samsung Galaxy S5 to the PC USB slot. If the device drivers are properly installed, the ID:COM section will be highlighted.
  7. Put your phone into download mode, to start switch it off, then press and keep holding these three magic key combinations (Vol down + Home + Power). See a warning screen? Just hit continue.
  8. Flash Done!

  9. When geared up, click Start button, then Odin will initiate flashing your US Cellular Galaxy 5 (SM-G900R4) and return it back to stock. Never think to stop the flashing process, when it cuts off your device might soft bricked. As soon as the Odin shows a PASS it will reboot automatically, your USC S5 now entirely back to stock and unrooted.



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