How to unroot and restore Galaxy S4 mini back to stock with Odin

A big benefit of the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini that running Android OS is the amount of the apps offered, until now more than one million apps are ready at Google Play Store. Not just that, we can also easily root, replace the stock ROM with a custom ROM that is usually more up to date than the stock one. Sooner or later you might realize that you have gone too far in modifying your device, in that case you can think about unrooting and restoring Galaxy S4 mini back to stock and make it look like new.

unroot galaxy s4 mini back to stock

Image: Samsung / Verizon Wireless

Restoring device’s firmware to stock will replace the installed firmware with the new firmware, which also means that all settings, installed apps including the data stored in the internal memory will be erased. So, if you have previously rooted, then this procedure will automatically make your device unrooted, even in some cases it can restore a device from a soft brick. The Tool that often used to unroot and restore the Galaxy S4 mini to stock is known as Odin, the main capability is to flash a firmware.


The following guide is how to completely return the Galaxy S4 mini to stock with Odin and unroot it. This should work on all variants: Intl, Verizon (SCH-I435), AT&T (SGH-I257), Sprint (SPH-L520), U.S. Cellular (SCH-R890) and some other variants, however, it depends on the availability of the stock firmware for each variant, since we can not back to stock without it.


  1. Setup Galaxy S4 mini device drivers, usually by installing Samsung KIES.
  2. Download ODIN flash tool, available from the new version to the old one.
  3. Get a stock firmware that released specifically for the model number of your smartphone, the firmware packed in zip to reduce the file size.

Unroot and return Galaxy S4 mini back to stock with ODIN and stock firmware

  1. Extract the zipped firmware file by using an unzip tool such as WinZip, WinRAR or 7zip. The extracted file should have md5 extension.
  2. Unzip the Odin package, then run the executable file.
  3. Now click PDA or AP button and point to where you extract the firmware.
  4. odin select options

    Odin options

  5. Now pay attention to the Option section, make sure only “F. Reset Time” and “Auto Reboot” are checked, leave the others unchecked.
  6. We need to put the phone into Download Mode before flash it. Turn it off, then turn it on again by pressing and holding the following combination keys: Volume Up + Home + Power until you see warning message, just hit Volume up to enter download mode.
  7. odin id:com recognize

    Galaxy S4 mini recognized by Odin

  8. Connect the Galaxy S4 mini with the computer using the original USB cable. See the ID: COM section, to determine if your device has been detected.
  9. Now all things are ready, just hit the Start button, the flashing process takes place in minutes.
  10. odin pass success flash

    PASS! Flashing firmware successful

  11. And the flashing process will be completed successfully if you have seen PASS! message, the phone will reboot by itself once done.

After boot up, now your Galaxy S4 Mini is back to stock and unrooted, you need to reconfigure the phone, including log into Google or Samsung account.



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  1. Super
    November 15, 2014 at 10:47 AMReply

    I’ve got an AT&T S4 mini. Great phone but #@!% stock software. Can I use this method to put the stock international ROM, and then flash to cyanogenmod?

    Any insight on putting a custom ROM onto the AT&T version would be highly appreciated!

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