Sprint and Verizon HTC One Max unroot guide by utilizing SuperSU

For some folks getting root privileges on Android devices is a challenge, many of them just wanted to know, if the root can be achieved on the device they just bought, it could be happens to HTC One Max users. When someday you realize that superuser access is not very useful for you and your device can still work well without it, then we suggest you to unroot your HTC One Max.


If your rooted device already using SuperSU, then unroot procedure can be done easily. SuperSU app is the most popular superuser management app these days and its used by millions of rooted devices, since the app has a complete feature that not available on another root management app. The main function of this app is to manage superuser access, other than that this app also has another useful feature called “Full Unroot” option, which can help us to clear out installed root exploit on our smartphones.

sprint vzw htc one max unroot

Image: HTC/Verizon Wireless

Here is the HTC One Max unroot guide using SuperSU, should work on Verizon, Sprint or International version. You need to remember, the following procedure will only remove superuser privileges, so your device would not be returned to stock condition. If you are looking for how to restore to stock HTC One Max, you can do it by utilizing RUU.

  1. Make sure you installed the latest version of SuperSU, logging into Google Play Store to find out if there is an update available.
  2. Open the app and head over to the Settings tab, of all the options that exist to find “Full Unroot” option.
  3. You should see a confirmation message, if you are sure about it, just hit Continue.
  4. Now the app will attempt to remove SuperSU related files and finally uninstall the app itself.

HTC One Max unroot process usually takes place quickly or less than one minute. Once successful, your device will restart automatically, if not we recommend you to manually reboot it.



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