Simple and easy way to unroot Sprint HTC One M8

Superuser access is the first thing in my mind soon after I got a new device. It’s reasonable thing, considering that now I can get the most out of my phone or even push it to the limits. But sometimes, several apps that I desperately needed, are failing to run on rooted devices, this requires me to unroot my Sprint HTC One M8. When trying to gain root, an exploit will inject several files (including: superuser.apk, su, daemonsu, busybox, etc.) into the phone’s system partition, so if we want to unroot it, we should do the opposite, by removing all supported files.


There are several ways that can be used to unroot Sprint HTC One M8, one of which is by using a built-in Full unroot feature inside the SuperSU app, another way is to manually get rid of it from the system partition. Since it’s different from the VZW variants that use one-click app called WeakSauce to gain superuser access, the Sprint HTC One M8 users have to unlock its phone’s bootloader to be able to get root access. The guide written here will only eliminate the root from your device, in case you plan to completely back to stock, then you need the ROM Update Utility (RUU).

On first attempt you can try to take advantage of Superuser app.

  1. Make sure you run the most recent version of SuperSU, check it from Google Play.
  2. Tap to run the app, then head to the Settings tab, slide down till you find Full unroot. Tap it and you should notice a warning, hit continue.
  3. The root cleaning process will begin, when completed your phone will reboot. Once boots up, your phone should unrooted now, if not you can try the next guide.
sprint htc one m8 unroot

Image: Sprint / HTC

This is the second attempt you could try in case you’ve failed to unroot Sprint HTC One M8 using SuperSU’s feature.

  1. Enter into TWRP manually via a key combination (Vol up + Power to boot into bootloader) or through the easier way by utilizing “adb reboot recovery” via Windows CMD.
  2. Once get into into TWRP, now choose Mount -> Mount system, then back to the Home.
  3. Touch Advanced -> File Manager, then head to “/system/xbin” folder. After that get rid of su and also daemonsu and busybox if it is available. Additionally, look through to “/system/app” to remove Superuser.apk.
  4. Back to Home and Reboot -> System.



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