Unroot and restore T-Mobile LG Leon back to stock with KDZ firmware

For many Android enthusiasts, mod this phone is a fun thing to do, they could get a pleasure when they’ve managed to get root privileges and began altering the device software. They will do everything to be able to retain root when the it got an OTA update. If you are one of them, we encourage you to find out how to unroot and restore the T-Mobile LG Leon (H345) back to stock condition.


The main reason is, no one knows when bad things could happen, since any customization that we do with our phones could ruin it, though it’s unlikely happen. When we know how to unroot and restore the LG Leon back to stock firmware with KDZ, it could help you remain safe when execute any mods on this smartphone.

Although the T-Mobile LG Leon isn’t a flagship phone, but it has quite a lot of users. Possibly because this device has good hardware specs and sold at a fairly cheap price, $99.99 for full retail price. In addition, the LG Leon also has received an official Lollipop update, the most recent version – Android 5.1.1. Not all devices has an opportunity to experience it.

unroot back to stock lg leon

Device Image: LG / T-Mobile

If someday you experience a problem on the LG Leon, like soft-brick or bootloops, then the first step and the easiest method is to restore it to the stock ROM with KDZ official firmware.
Here is a step by step on how to unroot and restore LG Leon back to stock firmware with KDZ based on post by @IPRJ25 on xda-developers:

  1. Download the stock firmware for T-Mobile LG Leon (H345).
  2. Install the appropriate USB drivers for your phone.
  3. Get the LG Flash Tool 2014, it’s a Windows desktop app.
  4. Plug in the USB cable to the computer, but do not be connect it to the phone.
  5. Turn off the phone, then remove the battery, put back in.
  6. Hold the Volume up button while plug in the micro USB to the phone, wait until you enter into download mode.
  7. Now run the LG Flash Tool 2014. Choose these options: Select Type = 3GQCT, PhoneMode = Emergency, Select KDZ file = find the downloaded KDZ location on the computer.
  8. Click on Normal Flash button, then hit the Start button. The new window will show up, click on clear registry button and change the language to English and press OK.
  9. The flash process will show up in a new window, the tool will try to recognize your phone. It could take a minute or two, then wait till it’s done and the phone reboot.


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