Galaxy S4 Active: Unroot and back to stock by using SuperSU

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 Active (SGH-i537) has been successfully rooted with uncomplicated method, by simply installing active root app built by Geohot, and then install the root manager app like SuperSU, which has tasked to deliver and record root permissions requested by other apps. We pick SuperSU by chainfire, since this app has the most complete feature when compared to the other root manager app, other than that this app also has the Full unroot option, which able to get rid of root access on any Android smartphones.


Most Galaxy S4 Active users perform an unroot for various reasons such as the need to return their device to store, sell it to someone else, or simply want to back to stock unrooted software and might run better without root.

Whatever the reason, unrooting the Galaxy S4 Active (SGH-i537) is a breeze, since we already had SuperSU app installed, with the help of this app we can clean up the superuser app and its supporting files with just a couple of simple actions:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of SuperSU by looking at Google Play Store, and if you believe already has the latest one, then open the app.
  2. Once the app is open up, now go to the “Settings” tab and look for “Full unroot” option and tap it.
  3. Galaxy S4 Active unroot supersu

    Image: Samsung/AT&T
    Screenshot: Chainfire@xda

  4. You’ll see a pop-up window that contains a confirmation whether you want to continue.
  5. Wait a few moments and let the app cleanup the necessary files.
  6. When successful, the app will close by itself, and your device will reboot immediately, otherwise you can reboot it manually.
  7. After booting up, now uninstall SuperSU and activeroot app from the phone.


If everything is done correctly, our Galaxy S4 Active (SGH-i537) should unrooted now. It’s possible that your phone will show “Device status: Modified” on Phone Settings, in case you encounter this you can try to factory reset the phone. If unsuccessful, it seems you have to restore your phone to stock shipped ROM with a stock official firmware and Odin flash tool.


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  1. Mustapha
    February 20, 2015 at 12:31 AMReply

    I was wondering if unrooting this phone will also SIM Lock it again. I bought a rooted phone on ebay and I want to take it off.

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