Easy unroot and completely return T-Mobile HTC One M8 back to stock with RUU

HTC has been known as a developer-friendly manufacturer. It could be proven by the availability of the HTC official bootloader unlock program. In addition, the Security OFF (S-OFF) can be obtained on nearly all flagship phones effortlessly, including the HTC One M8. This leads an opportunity for the android devs to actively building custom ROMs, kernels and Mods. However, when you’ve done a lot of changes on your smartphone, be sure to know how to unroot and restore T-Mobile HTC One M8 back to stock condition.


I’m sure, in the near future, you will switch the M8 to another smartphone, since there are more smartphones being released which have better design, awesome features and wonderful specs, such as the LG G3 or the Galaxy Note 4. Before giving it to another person, think about unroot and return your T-Mobile HTC One M8 to stock, as this procedure will make your phone’s software looks brand new fresh out of the box.

In this guide, we will use an RUU executable file, which will wipe off all data and apps stored on your smartphone. So make sure you have a backup before performing this procedure, duplicate the backup files to the cloud storage or home computer could be the safest steps.

  • TMo variants of HTC One M8 (RELOCKED or LOCKED Bootloader).
  • A computer running Windows OS (Win 8/7/XP).
  • Update your USB drivers to the newest version, the easiest way is by installing HTC Sync app, then uninstall it but retain the USB drivers.
  • Grab the Windows executable ROM Update Utility (RUU).
  • More than 60% battery capacity.
tmobile htc one m8 back to stock unroot

Image: HTC

The easiest way to restore T-Mobile HTC One M8 back stock with RUU

  1. Before you run the RUU on your PC, make sure your phone is in Locked condition or relocked (bootloader), you can see in the status in bootloader mode (Vol Down + Power Button). If the bootloader still shows ‘Unlocked’, you need to change it to Relocked by accomplishing the Step 2. But, if you already Locked/Relocked, you can skip Step 2 then directly to the Step 3.
  2. Connect your HTC One M8 to the computer, then you need to put your phone into Fastboot USB mode, from the main bootloader choose Fastboot or when your phone turned on run the following command into Windows CMD:
    adb reboot bootloader

    Now, Relock your M8 with the command below via CMD:

    fastboot oem lock
  3. While in Fastboot USB mode, on your computer run RUU file as administrator (right click -> Run as administrator), we make use of RUU version 1.57.531.7.
  4. ruu htc one m8

    RUU Window

  5. The RUU install temporary files on your PC, before start flashing the RUU will check your device’s software version and compare it with the existing software, just follow every on-screen instructions you found. When flashing in progress, you will see a green progress bar with HTC logo on on top of it.
  6. When flashing done, your phone will reboot on its own, and your T-Mobile HTC One M8 will be restored to stock condition.


Need to remove Tampered banner? check out this post. What about change Relocked to Locked? You can also head over to this post. But you must have a custom recovery and root access to be able to do both. Don’t worry, you can swap to the stock recovery later, root with SuperSU can be removed easily.


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