Easy way to disable OTA update, Knox and bloatware on Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 4

An OTA update is something that is highly anticipated, especially when it bring the latest Android version, the phone manufacturer and wireless carriers will always encourage you to accept and install it. But for Android enthusiasts who love mods their phone, an OTA update could be a nightmare, since it could block root attempt or any vulnerabilities that can be utilized to unlock the bootloader or flash a custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy Note 4.


When you purchase a carrier-branded device like the Verizon variant of the Galaxy Note 4, then you will find a lot of pre-installed apps on your phone. If you compare it with the international non-contract version of Note 4, the number of pre-installed apps on your phone could be more. Most of these apps are not wanted so many folks call it as bloatware apps. Luckily, since Android 4.3 we can disable some of these apps.

Generally, to disable an OTA and get rid of bloatware apps we need to have root access, whilst it’s not required to disable an app. However, the procedure to disable an app is usually done manually, one by one, and it takes quite a long time and only for the listed apps.

samsung galaxy note 4 bloatware ota disable

Image: Samsung

But there’s an easier way to disable an OTA update and bloatware from Verizon Galaxy Note 4 without requiring root access. The utility is actually a collection adb shell command to disable and re-enable the targeted apps. We can even add or cut down the apps that will be disabled.


To be able to take advantage of this utility, some things you need to do the following:

  1. Download Galaxy Note 4 USB drivers.
  2. Grab the tool/script from Misterxtc’s thread on xda forums.
  3. Enable USB debugging on Phone Settings -> Developer Options.

Then you just need to extract the tool / script, connect the Galaxy Note 4 to the PC then run the bat file.


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