Enable Google Hangouts video chat over 3G/4G network on AT&T Galaxy S4

A lot of users make use of Google Hangouts as default video chat app, because we only need an internet connection to make free video calls, so this Hangouts app is suitable for use over Wi-Fi. But sometimes when there is no Wi-Fi network all around us, then we are forced to use the 3G/4G network, the app supports video chat over cellular out of the box when there’s no Wi-Fi network available.


But this doesn’t apply to AT&T customers, including the Galaxy S4 users and other smartphones. They don’t let us to use the video chat feature on Google Hangouts or other apps over cellular networks, when you try to make a video calls over 3G/4G network, then you will get a message stated that this feature can only be run over Wi-Fi connection.

Galaxy S4 hangouts video chat over cellular

Image: Samsung/AT&T

Fortunately there is a solution for us to use video chat on Galaxy S4 over AT&T’s 3G/4G network. There’s no special requirements such as root access, in order to take advantage of the video calling feature, you can still use it on a stock (unmodified or unrooted) device. We can utilize wi-fi tethering to get this done, simply stick to the steps below:

  1. Head to Google Play store and install ES File Explorer app.
  2. Open the app from the app drawer, once the app is opened take a look at Menu -> Tools -> Net Manager.
  3. Create a hotspot network, then enable tethering.
  4. Now open Google Hangouts and start a video chat.


If your carrier disabled Wi-Fi tethering, there is another way but this time we must have root privileges to be able to do this mod, since it will change the device’s system database. In case you have rooted Galaxy S4, then you can set up Gtalk Enabler app from Play Store. When you want to use video calls over cellular, open the app and activate it then reboot.


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