AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5 bloatware app list that are safe to delete or disable

We already know that every carrier-branded smartphone in the US usually comes with preloaded apps or some people also refer it as bloatware, this is one of many ways for the carrier to boost their profits. As we know, most of the AT&T Galaxy S5 bloatware apps requires you to subscribe to their service in order to keep the apps running, for example the AT&T Navigator which requires you to spend $ 9.99 per month for navigation feature.


However, not all the bloatware apps have an impact to your monthly bill, there are still a couple of useful apps like AT&T DriveMode that helps you to avoid distractions from incoming calls and SMS alerts when driving. When you enable this app, incoming notifications are silenced, SMS or MMS cannot be sent and arriving phone calls move straight to voicemail, so that you could arrive at destination safely.

Another reason to remove the bloatware apps from AT&T Galaxy S5 is the internal storage capacity, the S5’s internal memory storage only 16GB, but you need to remember the usable space is much less, about 9GB, so removing some of them will be able to make the device’s storage a bit more relieved.

Bloatware list AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-G900A)

Here are some apps that you can remove or disable from the S5 without affecting the phone’s performance, most of the apps are owned by AT&T.

  • myAT&T (com.att.myWireless)
  • AT&T Address Book
  • –//– Navigator (
  • –//– DriveMode (com.drivemode)
  • –//– Locker (
  • –//– Mobile TV (
  • –//– FamilyMap (com.wavemarket.waplauncher)
  • –//– HotSpots (
  • –//– Message (
  • Google Play Books (
  • –//– Games (
  • –//– Newsstand (
  • –//– Movies (
  • …..

This just temporary list, we will update it if we find another app bloatware, Including TouchWiz apps that can be deleted from the AT&T Galaxy S5 safely.

att samsung galaxy s5 bloatware list

Image: Samsung

Disable bloatware app becomes easier on the new TouchWiz, following is a guide from droid-life to disable several apps effortlessly:

  1. Go to app drawer, then hit the menu button and select “Uninstall/disable apps”.
  2. Some app will have a minus mark, which means you can delete or disable it.
  3. Tap the unwanted bloatware apps that you wish to remove.
  4. You will be directed to App info, from there tap Disable.

Some apps that do not have a minus sign can’t be eliminated using this method, but there are other ways by using tools like Root Explorer or Titanium Backup that require root access to give good results.



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