Update Verizon Galaxy S4 to I545VRUAME7 Build and keep root with custom ROM

Right after the AT&T variants, now Verizon Galaxy S4 also has received a software update via OTA or Samsung Kies with Build number JDQ39.I545VRUAME7. Just like previous software updates that have been obtained by various other variants, this update contains a new bootloader that allegedly has new security patches, many folks who download the update saying that this update will not work with the existing root method.


However, Verizon Wireless and Samsung encourage you to download and install this update, as it brings many fixes for some known-issues including: ISIS activation issues, screen not waking up for incoming calls, font size for email, Bluetooth connectivity, etc. In addition, you will see several new capabilities such as Wi-Fi toogle and more items in the Notification panel, Smart Scroll instruction, secure boot status in About Phone, new version of S Health app, etc.

Update: New root method for VRUAME7 Build has been found, head to this post to read the tutorial.

Verizon Galaxy S4 VRUAME7 root

Image: Samsung
Screenshot: KidJoe@xda

At the moment, for those who have VRUAME7 firmware on their Verizon Galaxy S4, they must be willing to live without root privileges, due to the fact that until now there’s no new root method available. However, for anyone who still running VRUAMDK update and wish to get some new capabilities and bug fixes from the latest OTA update, you can flash a custom ROM from beanstown106@xda. This ROM comes with most recent Jelly Beans (Android 4.2.2 – I545VRUAME7) with several features such as: rooted, insecure boot.img, busybox, deodexed, zipaligned, init.d support and more.

But you should know this ROM still using VRUMDK base, so some features will be broken such as camera and Wi-Fi, so it’s not suitable for daily use. We need to wait for a while until there is a developer who able to exploiting the latest build or even unlocking/patching the bootloader. We will let you know when there is an update to root the Verizon Galaxy S4 with JDQ39.I545VRUAME7 build. However, you also have an option to block future OTA update by following this guide.



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