How to permanently SIM unlock a T-Mobile LG G4 (H811) via an app

For those who frequently traveling abroad, getting a smartphone with an unlocked SIM is quite important. Although we could use the carrier’s roaming feature, but this feature is limited only to a couple of countries and certainly with a higher rate, so it is far better to put a local SIM. The T-Mobile LG G4 device is SIM locked, which mean you can’t make use of it with non-TMo SIM card.


To make this procedure much easier, TMo provide to its subscribers an app called Device Unlock, it’s officially released by T-Mobile USA. It lets you request and apply T-Mobile LG G4 (H811) SIM Unlock directly from the device, so you no longer need to contact the TMo reps in case you are eligible for it. There are two options offered, the first is temporary unlock, it will unlock the device for 30 days, long enough for going overseas. While the Permanent Unlock, will allow you to use a non-TMo SIM forever.

Unfortunately, to be able to get permanent unlock to LG G4, you must meet several requirements, for example, it should have been active for at least 40 days, it is not reported as lost, stolen or blocked, and some other requirements depending on your current account type.

The free method for permanent unlock is to fulfill all the T-Mobile requirements. The another common method is via unlock service, like buying an unlock code, but it will not work this time, since LG G4 (H811) will not ask for a code when you put an invalid SIM card and the network will remain locked.

tmobile lg g4 unlock sim

Image: LG / Screenshot: T-Mobile

If you always fail to permanently unlock T-Mobile LG G4 via the app, you can consider purchasing an activation service. They will unlock the phone for you, then you just need to open the official TMo app and do it yourself.


Here’s an overview:

  1. Search for ebay sellers that offer TMo unlock service without a code like this item and this, but they have limited stock, you are lucky if you get one. Buy only from a reputable seller and also check how many items sold.
  2. Once you find a good seller, contact them.
  3. When they said they can process it, purchase the service, provide your phone IMEI, LG G4 model number (H811) and carrier (T-Mobile).
  4. Wait until the request is processed and till you get a message from them.
  5. As soon as you got a reply from them, connect the phone to the internet via Wi-Fi.
  6. Open the official TMo Device Unlock app, and select Permanent Unlock.


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