Permanent SIM Unlock your T-Mobile Galaxy S7 and S7 edge with an Device Unlock app

For travelers who like traveling overseas, having a phone that can be used everywhere is a must, especially if the destination country does not include in your current wireless carrier roaming partners. It also applies to T-Mobile Galaxy S7 and S7 edge that is SIM locked to T-Mobile. Some of the solutions are purchasing an unlocked phone or SIM unlock your current phone to be used with other wireless carriers worldwide. Switching to a local SIM, is definitely a cheaper alternative when compared to the roaming rate that is very costly.


To accommodate its customers’ activities for traveling everywhere, T-Mobile released an official app called Device Unlock, on some devices it’s coming pre-installed. It’s also available on Google PlayStore in case you accidentally remove it. It’s a simple app that allows request and apply a Device Unlock straight from your device. Prior to the Galaxy S7, this app also comes pre-installed and can be used on several new Samsung devices like the Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy Grand Prime, Galaxy Avant and more. Not only Samsung, T-Mobile LG devices like the LG G4, LG V10, LG Leon, LG G Styloalso are supported by this app.

When you are running the Device Unlock app, you will be given two options, Permanent Unlock and Temporary Unlock. As outlined by its label, permanent means you wish to completely request that your device be unlocked, while the temporary means the network unlock will only work for 30 days and you can immediately use on a compatible wireless networks across the world.

To be able to permanently unlock, your T-Mobile account must be in good standing, with no unpaid balance. The device must not reported as lost, stolen, blocked, and it must be active for at least 40 days. For a complete resource about the SIM Unlock policy, you can head to the official support page.

t-mobile galaxy s7 edge unlock code

Device image: Samsung

If you really need to unlock your T-Mobile Galaxy S7 and S7 edge immediately, you can try to use the SIM unlocking service. But you need to remember, you do not need a code to unlock these phones, so do not make a mistake when choosing an unlock service.
Here is an overview of how to network or SIM unlock T-Mobile Galaxy S7 / S7 edge (SM-G930T/SM-G935T):

  1. Check your IMEI by dialing *#06# and note down the number.
  2. Open or download the T-Mobile Device Unlock app from Play Store.
  3. You will notice two buttons, Permanent Unlock and Temporary Unlock, since we want to switch SIM forever, you should choose the Permanent.
  4. When you tap the Permanent Unlock, you have to see a message like this, “Unlock Failed: This mobile device is not eligible for unlock.“, otherwise your phone or account isn’t eligible.
  5. Search for TMo Unlock service without a code on ebay, like this one or you can make search with this keyword: T-Mobile Galaxy S7 unlock app.
  6. Contact the seller first, purchase the service, then sent your IMEI to them. Unlock will be done in 2-5 working days.


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    I am from ethiopia my phone is LG T mobile of model H345 but it is not working for GSM sim card. Could you olease help me. I took it from my friend in USA.

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