LG G3: How to disable OTA Update notification to safe root access

An OTA (Over The Air) update is one method for software update distribution, it’s most commonly used nowadays, it’s more practical and much easier as it doesn’t require a computer as if we are using the LG Mobile Support Tool, even non-tech savvy users are able to get it done. When a new software is available for your LG G3, the OTA update notification will be sent to your phone, and you will get the option to accept or skip it.


Even if you skipped the update, you will see the update notification every day to remind the update was available, this would be very annoying for users who do not want their status bar cluttered. As happened on other smartphones, you will not find an option to disable the OTA notification on LG G3 phone settings. May be LG wants their products constantly running the latest software for fixing some bugs or improve the user experience.

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However, if root access or custom recovery are important for your LG G3, you should think twice before update your smartphone. Since we never know if the future update will bring new bootloader or new security features, which will block previous root method, locked your bootloader or other fun stuff.

disable ota update lg g3

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Disable OTA update on LG G2 without root

Based on LG G2, we can disable the phone to take an OTA update, you won’t get this option on phone settings, but we can reveal that through the hidden menu option.


This tutorial based on autoprime’s guide, but it won’t be confirmed till the new OTA update comes out T-Mobile LG G3.

  1. Head over to phone dialler and type this number “3845#*851#” it will open LG hidden menu on TMo LG G3. For other variants, you can try to swap the last three numbers with your model phone model number, or find the G3 hidden menu code here.
  2. Scroll down to WLAN Test.
  3. Select the OTA option.
  4. Next, change the value to OFF.
  5. And you’re done.


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