LG G2: Remove QSlide from status bar drop down

The new LG G2 comes with a bunch new features that have never been seen on other Android Smartphones, some of the new features are Slide Aside and Qslide. Maybe for those who have previous LG devices like the LG Optimus G Pro, you might be familiar with QSlide, as this feature has been around on the G Pro. But there is a new feature unveiled along with the LG G2 called Slide Aside, with this feature we can easily switching currently running apps effortlessly.


The LG G2 QSlide could be similar to Samsung’s Multi-Window feature, since we can perform multi-tasking in a single screen at the same time. However, I think it looks more advanced QSlide, simply because we can adjust the size and opacity/transparency of the floating QSlide window. To use it, simply pull down the status bar, there you will see a list of QSlide apps to choose from, after selecting an app, a small pop-up window will appear without leaving the current apps.

lg g2 qslide remove

Although the QSlide has the huge benefit, but the apps list the make our drop down status bar looks messy. Considering that besides the QSlide app list, there has been Quick settings, brightness and volume slider that make the status bar drop down more cluttered. Fortunately we can still disable the QSlide and get rid of the app list from there, a lot of people who are trying to eliminate ended with fail. Here is a trick to disable and remove LG G2 QSlide from status bar drop down:

  1. Pull down the status bar, on Quick settings bar tap Edit.
  2. Then check/mark the Qslide option. Now you should see QSlide menu listed on Quick settings, the Qslide app lists will gone.
  3. If you really not interested with QSlide, you can re- tap Edit on the Quick settings then uncheck/unmark the QSlide.

Now your status bar drop down looks less cluttered, to make it more clean then you can take out brightness and volume slider from there by following this guide.



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