How to safely remove bloatware apps on HTC DROID DNA

After bringing home this device, you might be wondering, what bloatware apps are safe to remove on HTC DROID DNA? Removing apps that are rarely or never used will free up your internal storage space, we all know this phone doesn’t have SD card slot, so this device rely on the internal storage, 16 GB including system apps, so users available storage space only 11 GB. For some folks who like collecting a large number of HD movies or mp3 files, this could be a problem.


Besides being able to free up space, removing bloatware apps from HTC DROID DNA can increase the battery life, since there is some bloatware apps that are constantly running in the background and drain the battery without our knowledge.

htc droid dna remove bloatware apps

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Here is a list of some of the system apps are safe to remove, in the sense that your phone can still work well even after removing these apps. Thanks for rexdog1888 from xda for the list.

There is no need to remove all the bloatware apps from HTC DROID DNA, pick only a few apps that are not currently helpful for you.

Amazon_Shopping_Reease_Signed_2.0.1_20120914 (apk+odex)
Amazon_Widget_2.0.1.1_Release_Signed_20120914 (apk+odex)
amazonmp3 (apk+odex)
AudibleAndroid_v1.39_Release_Signed_20120914 (apk+odex)
com.mobitv.client.nfl2010 (apk)
IMDb_2.7.4_Release_Signed_20120914 (apk+odex)
Kindle (apk+odex)
MyVerizon (apk)
ShowMe (apk+odex)
TrimIt (apk+odex)
TuneIn (apk+odex)
VVM (apk+odex)
VzNav (apk)
VZW_Reign_of_Amira (apk+odex)
VZW_Remote_Tool (apk)
VZW_Serve (apk+odex)
VZW_Slacker_Radio (apk)
VZW_VideoPortal (apk+odex)
VzWBackupAssistantClient (apk+odex)
WifiRouter (apk+odex)
zappos_2.5.1_Release_Signed_20120914 (apk+odex)
HTC_Widget_ShowMe (apk+odex)
+HTC_Widget_ShowMe (apk+odex)
+ShowMe (apk+odex)



In order to delete the file system, you’ll need root access, and then using File Manager app such as Root Explorer (paid) or ES File Explorer (free), go to the folder “system/app” to get rid of it manually, and don’t forget to complete a backup.

In case you simply want to “freeze” the above apps you may use Titanium Backup. For those who already have a custom recovery (TWRP) you can flash *.zip file, that you can get it here, flashable zip will automatically remove bloatware apps above, suitable for those who are lazy to remove one by one.


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