How to Remove Wi-Fi Nag Notification on Droid Incredible 4G LTE

Some folks love the clean look of their phone User Interface (UI), with no unnecessary notification, for example the GPS and Wi-Fi icon on the notification panel when the feature is not used. This usually happens on android phones including the Verizon Droid Incredible 4G LTE, a Wi-Fi icon appears when not in use seems to be quite annoying for users, basically this is a shortcut icon that leads to a Wi-Fi settings to be able to turn on this feature and search for available networks, and when it is connected to a network then this icon will disappear.


We do not know why this icon shows up, so it looks like a mistake, why bring this notification if you already have Wi-Fi widget. Anyway, there’s a way to fix this, if you really want to remove this Wi-Fi nag you can install a custom ROM and flash Wi-Fi nag notification patch for HTC Droid Incredible LTE that develop by nitsuj17 at xda. However, your phone must be unlocked bootloader, root and have a custom recovery, unfortunately, not all users have the opportunity to unlock their phones, since HTCDev revoke this capability.

how to remove wi-fi notification droid incredible lte

Image Credit : nitsuj17 @xda / HTC / Verizon


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