The easiest way to change fonts on HTC One M8

For those who love art, besides the gorgeous design, a smartphone should also offer an artistic User Interface (UI), including the fonts. Fortunately, we have a smartphone with an Android OS that allows us to carry out several UI tweaks. Change system fonts in HTC One M8 is not a thing that is impossible, though there are some requirements that you must meet before you can do it properly.


The new HTC One – 2014 edition brings many impressive improvements from the previous version (M7), more metal, more color options and more new features. The M8 also running the latest and the greatest Android version (KitKat) with HTC Sense 6.0 UI, which is the most innovative and stunning user interface, so replacing the system fonts of HTC One M8 will beautify the look of HTC Sense.

In order to set up new fonts on HTC devices, the main requirement is root access, since the font files are stored in the system partition that can only be accessed or replaced when your devices have superuser privileges. Bear in mind, ensure you backup the stock fonts, to avoid issues in case the installation has failed.

There are several ways you can do to change the fonts in the M8, the following is a couple of methods that you can try.

Install fonts changer app for HTC One M8

With the help of an app we can replace the system fonts with the new one. Many of these applications are available in the Play Store, either free or paid. iFont by diyun or HiFont are some of them, both of these apps has a good rating so it is worth a try, both of the app also has similar features such as:

  • The app integrated with lots of wonderful fonts.
  • Adjust the font size.
  • Support for custom fonts.
  • Automatic fonts backup or restore it to the stock.

htc one m8 change fonts

Flash new fonts via Custom Recovery

Actually, there is another way that we can do, by flashing flashable fonts via a custom recovery, such as those held by M7. However, the file currently not available, maybe because the device is relatively new and only some people who have it, so there is no developer who interested to build a flashable font for HTC One M8. We will update this post when it’s available.



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