How to Improve Motorola Atrix HD Battery Life

When you buy new Atrix HD or upgrading from other phones you might expect to get good life cycle of battery, your expectations may be hard to happen, since this device has a standard battery capacity (1780 mAh), like the other android smartphone this device lasted about 7 – 10 hours of moderate use, then about 4-6 hours of heavy usage such as making a phone call with Bluetooth headset, sync email and widgets every half hour and playing games. You must realize that this phone running Android OS which well-known battery drainer, device specs is also equipped with 1.5 GHz processor and high-resolution display that increasingly make up the battery drain faster.


To address the waste batteries on Motorola Atrix HD you can adjust the brightness level to medium, turn on flight mode if you get a bad 4G LTE signals. And then use the “SmartActions” apps which preinstalled on your device, the apps sets your phone to save power, you can also utilize Juice Defender apps that also can turn off the data traffic and Wi-Fi automatically when not being used. Some users who utilize these two apps together are able to double their battery life.

How to improve Motorola Atrix HD battery life

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