How to change boot and down animation on HTC One (M7)

The new HTC One (M7) can be said as one of the most beautiful smartphone this year. Additionally the device also comes with the latest Sense 5.0 that brings new features including Zoe and Blinkfeed. Moreover, since this device runs Android which is an open source mobile OS, so we can freely customize the device’s software, one of which is to change the boot and down animation to suit our style.


To replace HTC One boot animation and down animation is challenging, but also not too difficult, since we should be able to find boot animation with Full HD resolution, to match with the phone screen resolution (1080p), so it looks nice on the display.

htc one m7 boot / down animation

Image: HTC
Screenshot: langer hans @xda

Replacing the HTC One boot animation (M7) can be done manually by replacing the file stored in the system partition, or by flashing it via recovery, all methods require unlocked bootloader or root to be able to work. Here is the guide for the both methods:

Manually change HTC One (M7) boot and down animation

  1. Get and file or extract it from a recovery-flashable zip file.
  2. Copy the files into internal storage.
  3. Open Root Explorer or ES Explorer, set the system folder to R/W.
  4. Replace stock file found in “system/customize/resource/”
  5. Set new files permission to 644.


Flash boot and down animation via Custom Recovery (CWM/TWRP)

  1. Get flashable file, as opposed to non-flashable files above, when you open the flashable archive (zip) you’ll see “META-INF” and “system” folder.
  2. Copy it into phone storage
  3. Boot into recovery mode
  4. Flash zip from SD card
  5. Reboot and Profit

You can search for boot and down animation for your smartphone on xda forums, I personally use the BIOS animation (1080×1920) by langer hans that you also can get from xda.


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