How to manually update Xperia Ion to ICS by using Flashtool

Official ICS update for the Xperia Ion (LT28at, LT28i and LT28h) has been officially released by Sony, and you definitely want to update your phone with the latest firmware immediately. But for those who previously had been flashing ICS leaked version, maybe they will not get a notification about the firmware update. In order to update you should flash back to stock firmware (Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread), if you don’t get it done, then you may encounter bootloops after flashing official ICS firmware. Here are short steps to manually flash ICS on Xperia Ion.


How to manually update Xperia Ion to ICS

  1. Download stock official Gingerbread firmware, pick one according to your mobile carrier, at&t (6.0.C.1.257), Rogers (6.0.F.0.111) and international version (6.0.F.0.111).
  2. Flash the Gingerbread firmware using Flashtool. Wipe everything (data, cache and apps log) as shown below.
  3. flash stock gb xperia ion

    Gingerbread Firmware Wipe options Flashtool

  4. Download stock official ICS firmware. Pick one, at&t (6.1.C.1.105), Rogers (6.1.E.1.19) and international firmware (6.1.E.1.19).
  5. Flash the ICS firmware using Flashtool, same as before, Wipe everything (cache, data and apps log).
  6. flash stock ics xperia ion

    ICS Firmware Wipe options Flashtool

  7. Need root? Check out new root method by Bin4ry, it’s easy.


Has no idea how to use a Flashtool to install a firmware? Please read “How to flash firmwares using Androxyde & Bin4ry’s Flashtool” carefully.


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