Samsung Galaxy S4: move apps to SD card by using FolderMount

As you might know Samsung Galaxy S4 is available in varied internal storage capacity (16/32/64GB), but the most popular model is the 16GB, which is undoubtedly insufficient for those who wish to install a lot of apps and games. Let me use Modern Combat 4 for example, this app needs more than 2GB for storing app data, and all things are kept on Galaxy S4 internal SD card.


There are several methods to free up some space on Galaxy S4’s internal memory, such as removing a couple of apps or even get rid of all bloatware/pre-installed (Samsung/Carrier) apps. But a majority of users believe it isn’t enough, since this method only able to clear up a little space. The right solution for this problem is by moving apps and the data into an external SD card, unfortunately Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) does not let you, but we could get it done by utilizing third-party apps.

galaxy s4 move-apps to sd card

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Previously, Apps2SD is used to move apps to external SD card on Android devices, but a lot of users report that this app can’t work well with Samsung devices, including Galaxy S4. Fortunately, there are other app which supports our phone and you can get it at no cost, this app called Folder Mount. This application works by moving data that located in internal memory into an external SD card, and at the same time linking to it.


Here is a simple instruction for those of you who want to move apps to external SD card on Samsung Galaxy S4 using FolderMount, tested on AT&T model (SGH-I337), but should work on other models SGH-M919, SPH-L720, SCH-I545, GT-I9505.

  1. This app requires root privileges in order to work, in case your phone hasn’t been rooted you could read the guide here.
  2. Get FolderMount from Google Play Store, it’s free.
  3. Open the app, and allow it to use root access.
  4. We use Modern Combat 4 as an example:
    • Tap “+” icon above.
    • For Name, enter MC4
    • For Source, point to Android/obb/
    • For Destination, just let it blank. Let FolderMount pick the right path.
    • And ended by tapping “√” icon, the moving process will take place in a few minutes, depending on the amount and size of the files.
    • After the process is completed, you will see the pin icon beside MC4, just tap on it.


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