How to enable Tethering on Verizon LG V10 – Mobile Hotspot, USB and Bluetooth

The LG V10 has been available in October, and Verizon Wireless also has released its variant (VS990) at the end of October, priced at $672 for retail price or $28/month for 2 years. This device provides lots of revolutionary features such as the Second Screen that let you informed with notifications and audio and control even when the display is off. Despite having a new innovative features and powerful hardware, the LG V10 does not abandon its basic functionality such as tethering.


The phone is network unlocked, so you can use it with any GSM network, as long as the network supported by the phone’s bands. If you’re planning to use the phone abroad, then switch to local SIM, then you can use a third party app to be able to activate the WiFi tether on the Verizon LG V10. The most popular apps to provide this functionality is FoxFi, if you prefer connection via USB and Bluetooth you should use PDANet+.

If you are having problems to utilize FoxFi for WiFi tethering, then there is nothing you can do about it, and you have to wait for another solution that usually require root access or superuser privileges. This is not a new difficulty, as many FoxFi users have complained that WiFI tethering cannot work on some Verizon devices, especially if they’re using it on the Verizon network.

verizon lg v10 tethering wifi usb bluetooth

Device image: LG

Actually, Verizon LG V10 has tethering feature installed (WiFi tether, USB or over Bluetooth), so you do not need the help of third-party app to use them. Unfortunately, to be able to use it you must subscribe to a Verizon Hotspot plan which would increase your monthly bill.


Here’s the simple step to enable stock tether functionality:

  1. Go to app drawer.
  2. Choose the Settings icons.
  3. On Wireless Network category, tap ‘More’.
  4. Now you can find Tethering options, from there you can active or change the tethering functionality (Mobile Hotspot, USB or Bluetooth).


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