AT&T HTC One M8 bloatware list that are safe to delete/disable

As known before, that every carrier-branded Android smartphones always comes with preloaded apps or bloatware apps, and the AT&T HTC One M8 absolutely have it. Sometimes bloatware is also useful to help our activities, such as myaAT&T which helps us manage our wireless accounts, U-verse, home phone and internet accounts straight from our device.


However, there is also app that we don’t really need it, and it makes the app drawer looks cluttered, not only that some applications also run background process that would also affect our phone’s performance and battery durability.

Here is a list of some of the bloatware apps that are safe to delete from the AT&T HTC One M8:

AT&T apps including Navigator, Address Book, FamilyMap, Code Scanner, myAT&T, HotSpots, Mobile TV, Ready2Go, Smart Wi-Fi, Messaging, DriveMode, Locker, Device Help and Usage Manager.
ISIS Mobile Wallet.
Kindle for Android.
City ID.
Voice Search.
at&t htc one m8 bloatware list

Image: HTC / AT&T

The bloatware apps list is temporary, we will update the list with more apps for those who want to completely get rid of every bloatware apps from their M8. Especially for novices, you better disable the bloatware via “App info” instead of getting rid of it, to avoid unwanted things, it don’t need root access. The bloatware wasn’t too much, I think it is enough to disable it.



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