Retain root: Verizon Droid Maxx / Ultra / Mini after Android 4.4 KitKat update

It seems that Verizon Wireless and Motorola have given an exclusive end of the year gift to its users by releasing a new software update for the new Droid Family (Droid Ultra, Droid Mini and Droid Maxx), the update brings new OS (Android 4.4 KitKat) with 19.5.3 build number. These new Verizon DROID lineups as well as Moto X are the first carrier-branded smartphones that has received the latest version of the Android OS, most likely because Motorola is a Google company, making it easier to apply the new OS to their own device.


Even though the majority of users are pleased, but there are some folks who are still waiting for a new working root exploit for the Verizon Droid Maxx / Ultra / Mini running Android 4.4 Kitkat. As we know currently there is no proper root exploit for KitKat update, the good news we can still retain root with SlapMyMoto before doing an OTA update, SlapMyMoto will help you keep root while upgrading process takes place.

The new OS with come with tons of new features Including improved closed captioning support, more robust security, smarter power use, and more tools and functionality. It also brings several enhancements: emojis support, Hangout integration with SMS and MMS, camera touch to focus, improved image quality (color, exposure and dynamic range accuracy). So you’ll regret it if you decide to skip this software update.


  1. Ensure your new DROID already running the first OTA, software version 12.15.15 (camera update), then root it with RockMyMoto by jcase. You can back to stock using stock factory firmware
  2. Also make sure you have disabled write protection with MotoWpNoMo by beaups.
  3. A device driver is required if you are never connected your phone to the computer before.
  4. Download SlapMyMoto from jcase thread here on xda.

droid maxx ultra android 4.4 root

Image: Motorola / Verizon

Keep root on DROID Maxx/Ultra/Mini after Android 4.3 Update (software version 19.5.3)

Retain root process on the new DROID lineup could be difficult for novice users, since it requires Cydia Impactor and Telnet, just like when we achieve root with RockMyMoto. However, listed below is an overview of how to keep root on your phone after take a KitKat update.

  1. Extract SlapMyMoto then find “SlapMyMoto.jar”, move into internal storage (/sdcard/).
  2. Utilize Cydia Impactor to open a Telnet on port 2222 as a system user.
  3. Once connected run Stage1 by typing command below.
    dalvikvm -cp /sdcard/SlapMyMoto.jar SlapMyMoto

    If you are instructed to reboot, you need to perform it manually via ADB

    adb reboot
  4. After fully boot up, Now run the same command as the step 3 and reboot.
  5. Now go to Settings > About phone > System update to check for an update, If updates are available, make sure the software version is 19.5.3.en.US then tap Download.
  6. Once you have upgraded to Android 4.4 KitKat, it is time to regain root with adb shell, below is the command that you should run:
    adb shell
    cp /sdcard/ /data/local/tmp/
    chmod 755 /data/local/tmp/
    echo “/data/local/tmp/” > /sys/kernel/uevent_helper

If successful, your phone will reboot and your DROID MAXX / Ultra / Mini with Android 4.4 should rooted now. If you are confused and wish to ask something, you can head out directly to jcase thread on xda.



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