Verizon Galaxy Note 3: Keep root after MJ7 OTA update

The first OTA update finally landed into the Verizon Galaxy Note 3 with build number VRUMBMJ7. As always after the software update officially released many rooted users are curious, whether the software update will break root and make us live without root access for long periods of time. If you download and apply the update it will be get rid of the root access, but it will also break previous root method (root de la vega), most likely it will not be compatible with the new firmware from the latest OTA.


But there is good news for rooted users who haven’t taken the OTA update, based on the experience of a user from the xda forum, we can keep root on Verizon Galaxy Note 3 running MJ7 firmware by utilizing OTA survival mode features that exist in the SuperSU app and Xposed Framework with Wanam Module. The Wanam Xposed Module will change back the system status to official, which allows us to accept the official OTA, while the SuperSU will make an effort to keep the root sticky while the update is in progress.

vzw galaxy note 3 vrumbmj7 root

Image: Samsung/Verizon Wireless

For those who want to keep root access in Verizon Galaxy Note 3 running MJ7 firmware, you can follow the easy steps below, but before doing anything make sure you have a working backup and has been successfully rooted using the root de la vega method.

  1. Make sure your device already installed with the latest version of Xposed Framework.
  2. Grab Wanam Xposed from Google Play Store, and activate the module from Xposed Installer app then restart. Open Wanam Xposed from the app drawer, go to Security Hacks menu and activate an option to set the system status to official.
  3. Now open SuperSU app and upgrade to pro, we have to upgrade since only the pro version that has a survival OTA mode. Go to Settings and uncheck ‘Enable Superuser’ and check ‘Survival mode’ to enable it.
  4. vzw galaxy note 3 vrumbmj7 keep root supersu

  5. Take the VRUMBMJ7 OTA update, and let it installed by itself and reboot.
  6. Now back to the app and check/activate SuperSU.

Done, our VZW Galaxy Note 3 now rooted with MJ7 software version from latest OTA.



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  1. Wayne
    December 5, 2013 at 5:41 PMReply

    Tried it with my rooted(De La Vega) ATT Note 3 (running MI9 trying to get to MJ5 firmware). Works fine until update installation reaches exactly 27% each time then it fails. After it restarts it says the update was interrupted. Not sure what’s wrong but it has worked for other ATT Note 3 owners. I’m Zero for 6 or 7 attempts so far.

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