One click easy way: Verizon LG G2 VS98012B root by using ioroot exploit

From all the LG G2 device released in the US, the Verizon Wireless (VS980) variants often get the OTA update faster. Software version VS98012B with Build number JDQ39B is the most recent updates received by this device in early 2014. As usual, after applying the update we will lose root on Verizon LG G2 running VS98012B software.


If you expect that this update will bring Android 4.4 upgrade KitKat, you seem to be a little disappointed, due to the fact that it only brings several enhancements and bug fixes, such as: improved video playback and voice quality, added Google security patch, the Messaging app is now accessible via QSlide, and several Verizon’s apps updates (Backup Assistant, Cloud App, etc.).

Although a minor update, it’s definitely worth to try. If you are still in doubt as it will remove superuser access, then you shouldn’t be worried. As we can still get root on VZW LG G2 running VS98012B software from OTA, using updated ioroot exploit by autoprime.


  1. A LG G2 USB drivers is necessary, so your device can be recognized by the computer.
  2. On your phone, go to Settings > Developers options, then enable USB debugging.
  3. Download the updated ioroot exploit for 12B software update or choose the latest one.

How to: Verizon LG G2 VS98012B root (Android 4.2.2 latest update)

  1. Extract ioroot exploit by using Winzip or any other unzip tool, you will see many files there.
  2. Connect your G2 to the PC via USB, only use stock USB cable for uninterrupted connection.
  3. vzw lg g2 vs98012b root

  4. Execute the ioroot exploit by double-clicking the “root.bat”, then a CMD window will pop up.
  5. If you are sure adb drivers are properly installed and your device has been connected, just press any key to continue.
  6. Let the ioroot do its job and follow any on-screen instructions you see. Once completed, you’ll notice new app installed called SuperSU on your phone, open it then finish the su installation. Your Verizon LG G2 running VS98012B should rooted now.



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