Easily Root T-Mobile LG G Stylo (H631) running Lollipop with One-Click Utility

Beside releasing a flagship smartphone this year, LG also launched a couple of mid-range smartphone, one of them is the LG G Stylo, in the US this device comes with T-Mobile (H631) and several other carriers. Outside of US, this device is also known as LG G4 Stylus, which made for those who can not afford the original G4.

Although it’s not equipped with the most powerful hardware and the latest Android version, we still have a chance to get the most out of this phone, since we can get achieve root on the T-Mobile LG G Stylo by using a one-click tool.


The tool called – LG One Click Root developed by avicohh from xda, this utility has been proven to supply root privileges to several LG smartphone running Android 5.0 Lollipop and KitKat. In this case, LG G Stylo was lucky as it’s shipped with the initial release of Lollipop, because this utility is unusable on devices running Android 5.1.

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How to: MetroPCS & T-Mobile LG G Stylo (H631/MS631) rooted

With root access we can do alot of things such as install root apps that help us save resources, because as we know, this device is only equipped with 1GB of RAM, which considered as small right now. In addition, after successfully making your MetroPCS or T-Mobile LG G Stylo rooted, you can also have the chance to install a custom recovery (TWRP).
Here’s the quick guide:

  1. Turn on your Windows computer.
  2. Get the most recent universal LG USB drivers and install it.
  3. Download the avicohh’s root utility, tested on script method v1.1, however you could try the Graphic UI (v1.3) method.
  4. Turn on USB debugging by accessing main Settings.
  5. Connect the G Stylo to the computer via USB.
  6. Let the PC recognizing the device and set the connection to MTP.
  7. Double-click the ‘LG Root Script.bat’ file to run the tool.
  8. Then follow any given onscreen instructions.

If failed, wait for a few seconds, unplug and plug the USB, then re-run the script, sometimes it failed at the first attempt.


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