How to: Sprint HTC One Max root achieved by utilizing SuperSU and HTCDev

Root access for some android smartphone users has become a necessity, they are willing to do anything to be able to make their devices rooted although they should lose its warranty. For Sprint HTC One Max users, acquiring root is not a complicated thing, since HTC has allowed the bootloader to be unlocked through HTCDev, this applies to almost all HTC Android devices, including the Sprint variant of One Max. If our device’s bootloader has been unlocked, then we are qualified to be able to have root and even running custom ROMs.


As we know, Sprint has released the HTC One Max in mid-November 2013, this phone is the first android smartphone that support its tri-band LTE network (Sprint Spark) out of the box, so it released to introduce the Spark network that has download speeds up to 60 Mbps. The One Max is the first phablet device from HTC with 5.9 inch display, which is a bigger version of the original HTC One.

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If you are planning to acquire root on the Sprint HTC One Max, here are three steps you need to do on your smartphone.

  1. Unlocking Bootloader. Caution! Unlocking the bootloader via HTCDev would disable One Max’s fingerprint sensors, up to now no one has managed to re-enable the fingerprint sensor even after you re-lock the bootloader, so do it at your own risk. Until this moment, in order to unlock the bootloader we should request unlock token from the official HTC unlock tool at HTCDev. However, there are other ways to be able to unlock the bootloader without HTCDev so we can still take advantage of the fingerprint features, but in order to achieve this we should S-OFF our device.
  2. Custom Recovery. This is required for flash root exploit on our device, to ensure that all the root files required by SuperSU installed correctly. To date there are two custom recovery available for Sprint HTC One Max, you can choose between CWM or TWRP, both can run well.
  3. Recovery flashable root exploit. The last step that must be done is to get the latest version of the flashable SuperSU root exploit packaged in zip format that you can get from here, SuperSU is the most popular root management app at the moment, considering that the developer regularly update it to make it work on every android device.

So, here is the brief step you should do to root Sprint HTC One Max: Unlock your bootloader -> Install custom recovery -> Flash SuperSU exploit -> and you’re done. Now verify it by installing Titanium Backup or other root apps from the play store.



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