How to root Sprint Galaxy S4 mini (SPH-L520) running latest software version from OTA

The Samsung Galaxy S4 mini is one of the device chosen by Sprint to introduce its tri-band LTE network called Sprint Spark, if you just bought it a few days ago the Spark might work out of the box, but for those who bought it after the release date, then you should update the S4 mini software version to MK1 that enables LTE bands 26/41. The Sprint Spark makes our S4 mini considerably better, you can download a full HD movie within minutes.


Though it’s the mini version of the Galaxy S4, but this device offers great performance, it comes with 1.7 GHz Dual-core CPU and 1.5GB RAM running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. If you want to get the most out of this phone, then obtain root privileges is a thing that must be done. A rooted Galaxy S4 mini should be able to do some software modification such as removing bloatware, customizing the stock TouchWiz UI, even Overclocking the CPU.

sprint galaxy s4 mini reroot

Sprint Galaxy S4 mini (SPH-L520) can be rooted in an easy way by using one click app called Kingo. In the past, Kingo app was able to make another Sprint Spark device (Galaxy Mega) rooted in no time. Kingo is easy to operate, don’t require any special expertise use it, just requires a few clicks. Here is the Sprint Galaxy S4 mini root guide that we made as simple as possible:

  1. Enable USB Debugging in the main Phone settings, its hidden settings, but we still can reveal it.
  2. Setup S4 mini device drivers on your computer, if you ever use Samsung KIES to connect S4 mini to computer, then this step can be skipped.
  3. Get Kingo Android Root and install it on your Windows computer, there’s no Mac version yet, but the developer promises that someday they will launch the Mac OS X version of the app.
  4. Open Kingo app on the desktop, in the beginning you’ll be asked to connect your device to the PC, if the driver has been installed properly then you will see your device models in Kingo window. However, in case the connecting process takes forever, then you have to reinstall the drivers manually. Having said that, Windows 8/8.1 x64 users should disable driver signature enforcement to ensure that the devices can be linked to Kingo.
  5. Once the Sprint Galaxy S4 mini connected to Kingo, now click “ROOT” button and let the app working to make your phone rooted.

kingo android root

The rooting process lasted depending on the device you have, usually takes a couple of minutes. If you get a “Root Succdeded!” message then you have achieved root on the Sprint Galaxy S4 mini (SPH-L520). Now you can do some tweaks to get better performance.



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