One Click App: How to root Sprint Galaxy Note 2 on MK4 Android 4.3

Way back in November in 2013, a software update to Android 4.3 for the Sprint branded Samsung Galaxy Note II (SPH-L900) was available via OTA or KIES. Many users are pleased that Samsung didn’t neglect their device by giving a software update. On the other hand this update also brings Samsung’s advanced security features called KNOX, which has the potential to void your warranty when you mod your smartphone, including when you root Sprint Galaxy Note 2 running MK4 software version.


As we know, the latest updates that received by Sprint Galaxy Note II is the software version L900VPAMK4, which brings major upgrades to the last version of Jelly Bean, it also offers some new features and enhancements such as the Galaxy Gear compatibility, compatible with the Samsung secure environment – KNOX, and improved HD Voice. Some people say that the MK4 update makes their device buttery smooth when performing multitasking, so do not skip out.


  1. Update your Sprint Note 2 adb drivers to the latest version, for KIES users should upgrade to KIES 3.
  2. Grab the latest version Kingo Android root app, the app made for a computer running Windows OS.
  3. On Developers options, enable USB Debugging so that the tool can inject the root exploit to your phone.

Easy One Click Tool: Sprint Galaxy Note 2 MK4 root (L900VPAMK4 / Android 4.3)

  1. Install Kingo on your computer, and make sure you have a fast internet connection, since the app will download the dependency files (root exploit, drivers, etc.)
  2. Run the app, now the app will attempt to communicate with your device.
  3. Link up the Note 2 to the PC through USB, put on an OEM USB cable from the Samsung, since we need stable connection.
  4. If it’s detected by Kingo, then you will see your device (model number) and the root status of your phone. Now the app is ready to gain superuser privileges, just a click ROOT button to get started.
  5. sprint note 2 mk4 root

  6. The time needed to achieve su access on any devices ranges vary between 5-10 minutes, it also depends on your internet speed. Just don’t close the app before you get a success or failed message.

If you get a success message, it means that your Sprint Galaxy Note 2 with MK4/Android 43 now rooted, you will see SuperSU app installed. However, if you find that KNOX trying to stop any superuser request and break root apps, then you need to disable the KNOX. However, it might trigger the Void Warranty in the bootloader.


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