Retain root on Sprint Galaxy Mega runs L600VPUANA7 Jelly Bean Android 4.2.2

Sprint Galaxy Mega (SPH-L600) already got the official software update twice and all of them are minor update, the most recent update obtained in late December 2013 with software version L600VPUANA7, there’s no significant changes yet still Jelly Bean (Android 4.2.2). If you have superuser access before obtaining the OTA, then after download and install it, you will lose it. Yes, just like before, upgrading the firmware will get rid of root access on Sprint Galaxy Mega (SPH-L600), soon after updating to L600VPUANA7 your phone will back to stock or unrooted.


However, there’s good news for users who haven’t taken the NA7 official update from Samsung, reported by xda forum members, we can maintain root on Sprint Galaxy Mega before it runs L600VPUANA7 firmware. However, to be able to do so, your smartphone should run MK1 software (2nd update in November, which enable radio frequency bands 26 and 41 for LTE). In this article we will use an app called OTA rootkeeper, which can be downloaded for free via Google Play Store. The app will make an attempt to maintain root while the OTA is installing.


  • Rooted Sprint Samsung Galaxy Mega (SPH-L600) runs MK1 firmware. For those who have already updated to NA7, you might need to downgrade to stock MK1 firmware with Odin, then re-root with Kingo. However, it hasn’t been tested before.
  • Get OTA RootKeeper by supercurio on Play Store.
sprint galaxy mega na7 root

Image: Samsung

How to keep root Sprint Samsung Galaxy Mega running L600VPUANA7 software from OTA update.

  1. Make sure root is still working on your device.
  2. Now take an OTA update, you will see an update notification, but if you don’t, do it manually.
  3. While downloading, now open OTA Rootkeeper, and hit “Temp. un-root (keep backup)” button.
  4. After the temporary unroot and the download process is complete, it is time to apply the update. You may not get any problems at this point, but if you get a ‘modified message’ message, you could try to factory reset your phone than replicate the steps from the beginning.
  5. Once OTA update installation successfully without a hitch, now restore the root on Sprint Galaxy Mega runs L600VPUANA7 firmware.



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