Sony Xperia Z / ZL unlocked bootloader, pros and cons

Sony now gives more support to android developer community by allowing bootloader unlock on their new flagship smartphones – Xperia Z and Xperia ZL via their official website. As reported earlier, Sony released multiple devices with various model numbers, for the Z (C6603/C6602/C6606/SO-02E) and ZL (C6502/C6503/6506). Just like their 2011/2012 devices, unlocking bootloader usually available only for unlocked / international phones, so if you buy a device with contract from mobile carrier then you most likely are not supported by Sony.


If you are wondering whether your device is supported by Sony or not, you can check it from the phone’s service menu by typing the following code on the dialer *#*#7378423#*#* then choose Services info – Configuration, on Rooting status look at “Bootloader unlock allowed”, if Yes then you can unlock your device and vice versa.

xperia z zl unlock bootloader

For those who want to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of unlocking the bootloader on Xperia Z / ZL, you can observe the comparison below:

  • We can flash custom ROMs or kernels.
  • We can always root our Xperia Z / ZL, and we don’t need to worry about losing root when the new software updates come out.
  • Unlocked bootloader users are given the freedom to try out official early builds of the next Android OS if available, we can also try the leaked firmware too.



  • During unlock, data partition will be wiped, your SD card will be wiped too.
  • Your Xperia Z / ZL warranty may void.
  • DRM keys will be lost permanently, we won’t have the ability to use some of Sony’s official service such as Track ID, etc.
  • Previous Xperia devices sometimes have problems after unlock, especially after receiving the OTA update, it’s good to always deny the OTA update.


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