How to: Verizon Galaxy Note 3 MJE root – VRUBMJE software update

A new OTA update started yesterday has been rolling out for VZW Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N900V) with N900VVRUBMJE baseband. The update roll out time is arguably faster since the previous OTA update just released last month. A software update is a good thing for end users considering that it usually brings a new bug fixes that make their devices improved. However, different situations were felt by rooted users, they’re scared if the update would break root. If you are one of them don’t worry, we can still root the Verizon Galaxy Note 3 running MJE software version, some folks have already confirmed it.


For those who have no idea, the VRUBMJE update released in mid-December and brings improvement on overall connectivity and sound quality. It also brings some bug fixes like: resolved the handwriting issue, fixed sync email and connectivity, more reliable Mobile Hotspot, sorted out the Samsung keyboard crash issue, a more responsive notification panel and a lot more. So, the MJE is an essential update to improve our phone’s performance.

vzw galaxy note 3 mje root

Image: Samsung/Verizon

Some users on xda reported that the Kingo Android can be used to regain superuser access after you took the MJE OTA. There’s no secret, the Kingo is a powerful one-click root app, previously the app has managed to provide su privileges on the earlier update (MJ7). Here is how to root the VZW Samsung Galaxy Note 3 running MJE software from the latest OTA update, without triggering Samsung KNOX (still 0x0).


  1. Download and install Kingo app on your Windows computer.
  2. Make sure the Galaxy Note 3 device driver has been properly installed on your Windows-based computer.
  3. Enable USB debugging so that Kingo can recognize your device.

How to Verizon Galaxy Note 3 (MJE) root using one click app

  1. Run Kingo Android app, in the beginning the app will attempt to connect to your phone. If adb drivers are installed properly it shouldn’t take very long, however, if the connecting process takes a bit more time this means the app make attempt to install the drivers automatically. Please avoid using USB 3.0 slots and for Windows 8 x64 users, you should disable Driver Signature Enforcement.
  2. Once connected now your phone is ready to get root, just hit ROOT button.
  3. Now Kingo will carry out its jobs to achieve root on VZW Galaxy Note 3 running MJE update.
  4. vzw galaxy note 3 kingo roo success

  5. When root exploits successfully regain root, you’ll get the “Root Succeeded!” message.



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2 Responses

  1. Scared OfKingo
    December 14, 2013 at 8:52 PMReply

    Kingo sends sensitive data unencrypted to their servers in China and grabs the IMEI with no apparent reason. It has been banned on XDA as of Nov 8, 2013

  2. Karl
    December 16, 2013 at 12:49 AMReply

    Thanks, my Note 3 now rooted.
    Without root my Note 3 is useless so I use it, since Kingo is the only method that work. On theirs Facebook page they said that IMEI is use for device identification, its acceptable for me.

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