How to: US Cellular Galaxy Note 3 root without tripping KNOX – Warranty Safe

US Cellular is one of the five cell phone carriers in the U.S. that bring the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to its subscribers. This phablet device from Samsung is offered at a friendly price, $199.99 with 2 year agreement, not only that, you will also get a $100 instant activation bonus, what a wonderful deal.


If you’re an Android enthusiast or a developer, this device might also be suitable for you, even though development is not as active as other variants, but at least we can get root on US Cellular Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N900R4) without triggering KNOX or void the warranty.

As we know, along with the release of the Galaxy Note 3, Samsung has also exposed its advanced mobile security feature, called KNOX. Each device will come with KNOX 0x0 which can be seen in the bootloader / download mode, but if you make a change to the system files, including when you use CF-root Autoroot to help you gain root on US Cellular Galaxy Note 3, then there is chance that it will turn into KNOX 0x1 and will void your warranty, since Samsung rep will be able to see it easily.

Until now there has been no working method to reset KNOX, if warranty is an important thing for you, then you should be careful. The good news is, currently there’s new methods that can make our US Cellular Galaxy Note 3 has root access without tripping KNOX and void the warranty by using Kingo Android root, here’s the step by step on how to get it done.


  1. A Windows-based computer (Win XP, 7, or 8) with stable internet connection via Wi-Fi or cable.
  2. Android ADB Interface drivers for Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N900R4) smartphone, or simply install KIES 3.
  3. Grab the updated version of Kingo Android Root.

Easy guide without tripping KNOX: US Cellular Galaxy Note 3 root with One Click App

  1. Install the Kingo on your computer, then run it.
  2. Enable USB debugging on phone’s main Settings > Developers options.
  3. Connect the phone with PC through USB Cable, the tool will attempt to connect with your smartphone. If failed to connect, make sure to use Samsung OEM cable and make use of USB 2.0 port instead of 3.0 ports.
  4. us cellular galaxy note 3 root

  5. Once your device connected and recognized by Kingo, you’ll see your device model number and root status there.
  6. Now it’s time to hit the root button and let the tool complete its job. The time needed varies depending on the Internet connection and device models, but in most cases no longer than 10 minutes.
  7. If you get a success message, then great job, your US Cellular Galaxy Note 3 now rooted with SuperSU as superuser management app.
  8. The final step is open SuperSU then finish the su installation process.



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