How to root AT&T Galaxy Note 3 running N900AUCUBNB4 software version from OTA

AT&T finally released a new software update for its new Note 3 (SM-N900A) via OTA, sadly this update is not as we expected since it only contains general enhancements rather than new OS update. As usual, when you download and install the N900AUCUBNB4 updates on the AT&T Galaxy Note 3, you will lose root access, the root exploits that exist on your device will be wiped during the upgrading process.


Although the NB4 update only a minor update and just deliver a few improvements such as the Samsung Account updates, Android patches, Google Drive app, GMS apk and library updates. Probably the most important enhancement is Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) improvements, it’s useful to prepare your device to receive the future official Android 4.4.2 KitKat update.

For those who have done the updating, it seems you don’t have to be worried, considering that we are still able to root AT&T Galaxy Note 3 running N900AUCUBNB4 software updates by using the one-click tool that is easy to use.


  • A Windows Computer (Win 8, 7 or XP) and a Samsung OEM USB cable.
  • Samsung USB driver already installed on your computer.
  • Download Kingo Android Root v.1.1.8, the latest version doesn’t work for NB4 update.

att galaxy note 3 nb4 reroot kingo

Easy root AT&T Galaxy Note 3 on N900AUCUBNB4 Update

  1. Install Kingo on your PC then run it, on first run, the app will try to get hold of your device.
  2. By using a USB cable, connect your phone to the PC, when there is no driver issue, Kingo will recognize your device immediately.
  3. When it successfully detects your device, now hit the “ROOT” button. The rooting process lasted long enough, about 5-10 minutes, do not close the app before you get success or fail message.
  4. If you get a success message, then your AT&T Galaxy Note 3 running N900AUCUBNB4 should rooted now, open SuperSU app to complete the su installation.



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  1. Jason
    April 13, 2014 at 4:09 PMReply

    Worked for my Note 3 running Android 4.3. Had to run twice. First time got a failed message. Second worked.
    Did not trip KNOX warranty void counter.

  2. steven
    July 17, 2014 at 5:05 PMReply

    great worked alsome

  3. Mamatha
    December 18, 2014 at 3:08 AMReply

    Working perfectly for AT&T Galaxy Note 3 on N900AUCUBNB4 Update
    Thanks a lot!!!!

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