AT&T Galaxy S4 keep root on I337UCUFNC1 firmware after OTA update

Finally, the new method has been available to root the AT&T Galaxy S4 running I337UCUFNC1 software from official OTA. The NC1 firmware is the latest official software update from AT&T and Samsung, and this is the first update after this phone running official Android 4.4.2 KitKat (NB1). The update brings only minor changes, only contains an improvement for customers using the premium version of the Lookout app, however, many users saying that their current Galaxy S4 becomes smoother, like butter.


As usual, after updating the AT&T Galaxy S4 to I337UCUFNC1, you will lose root access. For that reason, if root is essential for you, then put off applying an OTA update although you received the notification, hold back until someone confirm that the root still works on the latest build. As we know, our phone’s bootloader still locked, so re-rooting is not easy.

But we were lucky, since there’s a developer who are willing to set aside a little time to find a new method to root I337UCUFNC1 software on AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4. Thanks to muniz_ri from xda who mods the stock NC1 OTA file and put root on it, so we could utilize it to safely upgrade without loosing superuser privileges.

  • An AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 running stock rooted NB1 software.
  • The updated version of Odin flash tool.
  • Safestrap recovery v.3.72 for NB1 update.
  • Get the stock rooted firmware and stock kernel from NC1 OTA update both from this thread.
at&t galaxy s4 root nc1

Image: Samsung

How to: AT&T Galaxy S4 keep root on I337UCUFNC1 OTA update

  1. Copy the “” to root directory of external SD card.
  2. Boot into Safestrap recovery by tapping the “Reboot to Recovery” from inside the app or manually by restarting your phone.
  3. Once entering into Safestrap main menu, make sure the Stock Slot is active.
  4. Choose “Install” then flash the zip from step 1. Remember No Wipe!.
  5. As soon as completed, shut the phone down.
  6. Now enter into download mode (Vol down + Home + Power).
  7. Connect Galaxy S4 to the computer via USB.
  8. Run Odin on your computer, choose the PDA button (or AP in Odin v.3.09), the point to where you save the stock NC1 kernel.
  9. Now hit the Start button to flash the kernel.

Once flashing, finished, the phone will reboot by itself, booting process will take a little longer since the app need to optimize apps. As soon as the phone fully boots up your AT&T Galaxy S4 running I337UCUFNC1 software should rooted now.



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