One Click app: US Cellular Galaxy S4 root (R970VXUAMJA / Android 4.3)

Samsung has provided Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OTA update to the US Cellular branded Galaxy S4 (SCH-R970) in early November last year. Many say that this update is less friendly for rooted users, as we all know the update brings enhanced security features from Samsung called KNOX. So if you are not careful when mod your smartphone, then there is a chance your warranty will be voided.


But you do not need to be concerned, since there is an easy solution for us to get root on the US Cellular Galaxy S4 running Android 4.3 (R970VXUAMJA software version) without void the device’s warranty or KNOX 0x0. So that we can utilize the power of the superuser privileges without having to worry about triggering KNOX.

This update sometimes makes you feel worried and little bit restricted, however, since it brings major OS update that makes your S4 has better performance, especially if you are planning to purchase a Samsung Galaxy Gear, it’s necessary for you to take the OTA.


  1. Download and install the most recent version of Kingo Android root.
  2. Get SCH-R970 Android ADB drivers which can be found here, or if you’re a Samsung KIES user you should update it to KIES 3.
  3. Reveal the Developers options on Settings, then enable USB Debugging.
  4. A Windows computer with working internet connection.

How to: US Cellular Galaxy S4, root R970VXUAMJA software version (Android 4.3)

  1. Run Kingo app on your Windows computer.
  2. Connect the S4 to the computer via USB cable. It is recommended to use Samsung’s USB cable and avoid using a USB 3.0 slot.
  3. us cellular galaxy s3 root mja

  4. After that Kingo will attempt to get in touch with your phone, then recognize it, once identified you will see the phone’s model number and root status.
  5. Just click Root button and wait for the rooting process, your phone might reboot several times.
  6. Once successful, you’ll see new SuperSU app installed on app drawer, open it then finish the su installation. Your US Cellular Galaxy S4 with R970VXUA MJA software should rooted now.



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