Verizon Galaxy S4 mini (SCH-I435) root achieved using oneclick tool

Although just released a week ago, the root has been achieved on Verizon Galaxy S4 mini (SCH-I435). It offers a superior an opportunity for its users to customize their smartphones like removing bloatware or unwanted pre-installed apps from Samsung and VZW, make TouchWiz UI more interesting with Xposed framework and even more. As we know, Verizon Wireless has released the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini in late November 2013 at an affordable price, $99.99 with 2 years service contract. Of course this is sweet for those who don’t have sufficient budget to buy its big brother – VZW Galaxy S4 (SCH-I545), which has doubled price tag.


While it is cheaper, but this smartphone has a spec that isn’t much different from its brother like a 1.7GHz Dual-core processor, 1.5GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. With those hardware specs, you can expect a great performance smartphone when perform multi-tasking even playing HD Game.

vzw galaxy s4 mini root

Image: Verizon Wireless/Samsung

As reported by a user on the xda forums that VZW Galaxy S4 mini (SCH-I435) root has been achieved by using a well-known app called Kingo app. The Kingo is a tool that can help you to get root access to your device, this universal root app has been proven to provide root on a lot of devices from various smartphone manufacturers, and not long ago also has been reported to be successfully used in the Sprint variant of the S4 mini.

Using Kingo to gain root on Verizon Galaxy S4 mini quite easy, we just need to download the app from the developer’s site then install it on our Windows computer, works with Windows XP until Windows 8.1. The entire rooting process runs automatically, but it’s still need our involvement mainly in the drivers installation part. Even though Kingo can perform automatic driver installation when you connecting the device to the computer for the first time, but the manual driver installation prior to running Kingo is highly recommended.

In case you never utilize Kingo to gain root, then we suggest you head to more detailed guide on this post, the guide created for the Sprint variant. However, due to the process of root is identical, then you can follow it. After your Verizon Galaxy S4 mini (SCH-I435) achieved root, now you can do a variety of customized and the first task we recommend is to remove bloatware with Titanium Backup to free up some storage space.



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