How to root VZW Galaxy S4 mini with MK5 update – Android 4.3

The last version of Jelly Bean (Android 4.3) finally landed to VZW Galaxy S4 mini (SCH-I435) with software version JDQ39.I435VRUAMK5. Similar to many other smartphones, this update brings support for the new Samsung Galaxy Gear that might turn you into buy their smart watch. Software update is the most excitedly awaited by Android users, we believe most of them want the most recent Android OS running on their devices.


But for those with superuser privileges, the new software update means the search for new methods to gain root on Verizon Galaxy S4 mini running with MK5 firmware, as we know when we took an OTA, root might also go away. Apart from bringing Samsung’s smart watch support, the MK5 update also delivers several enhancements and resolved some issues such as: improved connectivity on exchange email server, better VZW 4G LTE connection, enhanced ISIS interaction, much better Google Voice prompt timing and fix incoming call displays PictureMe.

Since the MK5 update provides a new version of the Android OS and fixing several important bugs, then accept is is a good option. If the root is the main reasons why you hold off taking the update, then you don’t need to get worried, on VZW Galaxy S4 mini with MK5, root is still achievable by using the one-click root app that we’ve used before.

vzw galaxy s4 mini mk5 root

Image: Samsung / Verizon Wireless


  1. The Galaxy S4 mini driver is the main requirement, simply because by installing this, our smartphones will be recognized by the computer.
  2. Ensure USB debugging is enabled, most of the root tool requires ADB connection.
  3. Grab the latest version of Kingo Android Root.

Easy one-click Verizon Galaxy S4 mini MK5 root by using Kingo

  1. Install the Kingo app on your computer.
  2. Connect your device to the PC via USB cable.
  3. The app now endeavoring to contact your device, since the app also identifies your device in order to utilize the proper root exploit for your specific device, the connecting time will be a little longer.
  4. When successfully connected you will see the model number of your smartphone and also its status.
  5. kingo android root

  6. To begin the process of rooting, just hit the ROOT button. The process takes place in a couple of minutes, when you get into SUCCESS! window then your VZW Galaxy S4 mini on MK5 should rooted now, try some apps to verify it.



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  1. Bill
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    my s4 mini has been saying rooting for 10 minutes or more. Any suggestions?

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