Regain root on Verizon LG G2 running latest VS98011A software version from OTA

A couple of days after release date, the new Verizon LG G2 has been getting new OTA update, this update brings new software version VS98011A. As always, VZW encourages you to install this update even though they did not tell us about the changelog details, they just say that this software update includes some enhancements and improvements. Many users are skeptical if the new update breaks their rooted phone.


However, we are fortunate to have a great developer, who quickly update his root tool to work with the latest OTA. Thanks to thecubed from xda, which allows us to regain root on Verizon LG G2 VS98011A running latest software version from OTA update. The method to get the root is still same as before, but now he added a command to check our phone’s software version, if the latest software version is detected then the new exploit will be used.

VZW LG G2 root OTA

As we know, the VZW LG G2 has an additional layer of security, which check whether the device has root access or not. If the root is detected then the “Rooting status” changed to Rooted (Settings -> About phone -> Status), we will also notice it while we are in download mode. It probably would make our warranty void, so do it at your own risk.

  1. Get the LG G2 drivers, be sure to get specific drivers for VZW devices.
  2. Enable Developer mode and USB Debugging on phone Settings.
  3. Download the root tool (zip packaged) using your PC then extract it.
  4. Plug in the USB cable to the device and the PC to connect both of them, make sure you put your device to Ethernet mode (for VZW).
  5. Find root.bat and double click on it to run it.
  6. A Windows CMD will appear and will try to connect with your device. During the rooting process, you will be prompted to unplug the USB -> disable the USB Debugging -> Re-enable it again -> and re-plug the USB cable. After that the root tool will ask your permission to push su binaries and install the SuperSU app.


After all process has been completed, then you will see the “Done” message, now our Verizon LG G2 has been rooted with latest software version VS98011A from OTA update. To verify it attempt to install any root app like Titanium Backup.


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