A new alternative one-click root app – Kingroot, works with KitKat and Lollipop

Most Android enthusiasts might feel something is missing when their Android device have no root access. Despite the fact, an Android device we are still able to run properly without superuser privileges. For security and privacy reasons, every Android devices are sold with a common user access. There are many tools or apps that can be used to gain root access, however, since each device has a different software, so it’s hard to develop a universal root tool or app for all Android devices.


There’s a new powerful app called Kingroot, in the past you might also hear about Kingo utility, despite having similar names, but they come from different developers. As opposed to the Kingo utility that can only be run with the help of a Windows computer, Kingroot also have an installer app (APK) that can be run directly on the mobile phone/tablet, so we will no longer mess around with USB driver issues.

Just like Kingo tool, the Kingroot also made by Chinese developers and likely made just for people who understand Chinese, because up to now (version 4.0) there is no option to change the language to English. Of course, this is quite difficult for those who did not understand this language.

We do not know exactly what this app is doing with your phone once you install it, but you can guess it from the permissions requested by this app. If you feel something is bad, you can refuse to install it. Before you install it you can also read real user reviews from community forums like xda-developers.

download kingroot one-click root app apk

If you are confident with what you are doing you can download the latest Kingroot APK directly from its official website click KingRoot download button, but you can also get it from xda community forums. After installing this app, then managed to get root access, you will see a new app called KingUser installed, it’s a super user management app, similar to SuperSU app by Chainfire.

If you feel uncomfortable with the provided su management app (KingUser), you can replace it with the popular SuperSU app by Chainfire.



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