New and working root method for HTC One VX

Previously you might have seen or may follow some tutorials on how to root the HTC One VX, some guides that already offered was hard to follow especially for beginner, most likely because the process is quite lengthy and requires specific skills, many folks who have tried it ended with failure. As you may know, One VX is a low end device and also less popular, so android development for these devices remains low, this is due to the lack of support from developers.


But fortune seems to stick to our side, a recognized developer from xda “jmztaylor” has been updating root method for HTC One VX, making it easier to follow. We don’t need to typing many weird CMD command, which we doesn’t know what it means, now we only need running one command.

htc one vx new root method

Here is new and working root method for AT&T HTC One VX by jmztaylor, the steps are quite simple because it is a standard procedure to unlock and rooting HTC devices.

Flash TWRP Recovery

  1. Unlocking bootloader device via HTCDev. Since we have to flash a custom recovery, then we need to have a device with unlocked bootloder. For those who already unlocked, then you can skip this step. You can see the unlock guide here and make sure to choose “All Other Supported Models” on supported devices section.
  2. Get modified TWRP recovery image here, then save to the same a folder where fastboot.exe file located. It requires to be able to run fastboot command.
  3. Reboot devices into fastboot mode (turn off and then press volume down + power key, after that choose fastboot), and connect our phone via USB.
  4. From the folder where you save twrprecovery.img and fastboot.exe, open CMD by hold Shift key and then mouse right-click, choose “Open command window here”

    Open CMD

    Once CMD window appears run the following command:

    fastboot flash recovery twrprecovery.img
  5. Reboot, just in case.


Flash Superuser app and binaries to Achieve root on HTC One VX

  1. Grab root package, and then copy it into the SD card.
  2. Turn off your device and then enter into a bootloader and select Recovery menu (same as step no. 3 above, but instead of fastboot choose recovery), and you will navigated into TWRP recovery main menu.
  3. Choose install from sd card and point to root package (, and then flash it.
  4. Reboot and experience HTC One VX rooted with stock ROM.
  5. Do the same steps if you want to install a flashable custom ROM (zip).


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