(New Method) Root HTC DROID DNA and Unlock with SuperCID

Almost every Verizon branded Android Smartphones is sold with locked bootloader, and sometimes difficult to unlock as occurred on HTC DROID DNA. Previously we wrote an article on how to root DROID DNA with HTCDev unlock method, this method works only a few days before finally HTCDev revoke unlock capabilities from this device. Considering the fact that this phone is running Android OS, which is an open source, so there is always a method for developers to perform unlock.


Thanks to beaups and the team from xda who develop SuperCID app, this app allows us to unlock via HTCDev and then gain root access. Common procedure prior to mod your device, be sure to backup data to remain safe. Then install the HTC adb drivers and also grab fastboot file that you can get via android-sdk.

new droid dna root method

Credit: HTC/Verizon

Here are methods to unlock the bootloader with SuperCID and root DROID DNA:

  1. Grab attached apk file from original xda thread, make sure to download the latest version since HTCDev in some cases blocking old version of the app.
  2. Install the apk and then open an app titled “DNA HTC SuperCID”. The phone will reboot, when the phone shutdown and before turn on, hold the volume down button to go into the bootloader (HBOOT) mode. Choose FASTBOOT, switch to FASTBOOT USB mode by connecting the device to a PC via USB.
  3. htc fastboot usb

    Fastboot USB

  4. On your PC, open the folder that contains fastboot file, hold Shift button and then right-click on the mouse, choose “Open command window here”.

    Command Window

    Open CMD

    Verify fastboot working on your computer by typing a command below:

    fastboot devices
  5. To verify we have worked SuperCID, run this command:
    fastboot oem readcid

    You will see a message just like the following:

    … INFOcid: 11111111
    OKAY [0.002s]
    finished. Total time: 0.002s
  6. If you get a message similar to the above, then you can proceed via HTCDev unlock and root the HTC DROID DNA by reading an article here. However, if you get a different message, such as VZW_001 that’s mean the process was failing, try to restart your device and then repeat process from beginning to unlock with SuperCID.



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