How to: Sprint LG G2 LS980ZV8 root by using ioroot exploit script by autoprime

The first Sprint LG G2 (LS980) OTA update was released in December 2013, which brings LS980ZV8 software version. According to Sprint’s update changelog, it only delivers an enhancement and a bug fix, including an improved audio quality and the Google security patches. Although only minor, this update will be a little challenging, especially for rooted users as new OTA will take away the root access on Sprint LG G2 LS980ZV8 running software version.


However, we are lucky enough to own a LG G2 smartphone since this device is supported by a superb developers from xda, which always updating his script to remain working with the latest OTA update. Thanks to thecubed for the ioroot exploit and autoprime for updating the exploit to deal with the most up-to-date software update.

Here’s the step by step on how to make our Sprint LG G2 rooted by using one click tool:


  1. LG G2 adb/USB drivers, you can go to an official LG support page to get this.
  2. Enable USB debugging on phone’s Settings > Developers options.
  3. Download the most recent ioroot exploit.

Easy How to: Sprint LG G2, LS980ZV8 root within minutes

  1. Link up your phone to the computer using LG OEM cable or stock cable that shipped with your device. And also make sure the device is recognized by the computer.
  2. Extract the ioroot package ( into a folder, once extracted you’ll see many files there.
  3. sprint lg g2 ls980 root

  4. For Windows users, double-click “root.bat” file to execute the ioroot exploit.
  5. A Windows Command Prompt window will appear, now hit any key on your computer’s keyboard to start the rooting procedure.
  6. Take a look at window exploit carefully, and don’t forget to do what follow any on-screen action that need to take.
  7. As soon as the ioroot complete its jobs, run SuperSU from your device. Once the su binaries properly installed, your Sprint LG G2 running LS980ZV8 should have root now.



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