Keep root on T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 runs NF1 software – VoLTE update

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is one of the three smartphones (LG G Flex and Galaxy Light) which was first getting T-Mobile VoLTE compatibility update on May 2014, but the software update is released only for VoLTE service in Seattle. After expanding its VoLTE markets in more cities in the U.S., a new software update re-released for this smartphone with software version N900TUVUDNF1. However, although it’s a minor update, but it will flush the root access from your T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 once upgraded to NF1.


There is no Android OS upgrade in NF1 software, only stability improvement in supported VoLTE markets, so if you live in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington DC, Dallas, Austin, Long Island, Houston, Minneapolis, New Jersey, San Francisco, Philadelphia or New England, then this is must-have software update. Not just that, the N900TUVUDNF1 also brings a hot fix for a better audio mute.

As opposed to the previous version, the root method in the NF1 update for T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 is fairly difficult to acquire, if at NE6 software we can easily use the easy one-click app – towelroot – which could give superuser privileges without tripping KNOX (0x0). But when we are running NF1, there is no easy and safe method to get root on this phone. Downgrading method is the only way you can do for now.

  • TMo Galaxy Note 3 runs NF1 or NE6 firmware.
  • Samsung USB drivers for Windows.
  • Stock firmware (version N900TUVUDNE6 and N900TUVUDNF1) for SM-N900T.
  • Odin3 flash tool v3.07 or later.
  • Get Mobile Odin Pro by Chainfire flash without a computer.
  • Download and install towel app by geohot to gain root.
tmo galaxy note-3 nf1 root

Image: Samsung

Downgrade to NE6 firmware

This is required in case your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 running the NF1 firmware at the moment, but you could skip the downgrade procedure in case you still on NE6. Here’s the common procedure to revert your phone to previous firmware.

  1. Unzip the NE6 firmware till you find the ‘tar.md5’ file.
  2. Extract and run Odin3 flash tool, you could use the latest version.
  3. Click the PDA button, then find the ‘tar.md5’.
  4. Turn off your phone and put it on download mode, then connect it to your computer.
  5. When the phone is connected, it’s time to flash the firmware by click the ‘Start’ button.

Keep root on T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 running N900TUVUDNF1 software

  1. Extract the NF1 firmware, then copy the ‘tar.md5’ to your sd card.
  2. Run the Mobile ODIN Pro and scroll down to ‘Open file…’.
  3. Here’s some options you should enable prior to flashing, ‘inject root’, ‘mobile odin boxes’ and ‘reboot to download mode after flashing’.
  4. Once flashing completes and your phone boot into download mode, connect it to your computer.
  5. Now run Odin3 desktop version, we use v.3.09 with only the reboot and update bootloader boxes are ticked.
  6. In order to make the VoLTE working, you need to reflash the CSC file from NF1 firmware.

Your T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 runs NF1 should rooted without tripping KNOX counter. For further update and better supports, just go the xda-developers forums here.


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    Is the start device rooted and on nf1? Or can it be stock and run nf1? I want to downgrade to get root but don’t want to trip knox. . Or am I just getting it confused? And the options I should enable, are they in the program on the computer or phone? Please give more details.

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