HTCDev Revoke Unlock Bootloader Capabilities for Droid Incredible 4G LTE

As we already know HTC allow Droid Incredible 4G LTE to get unlocked bootloader to gaining root access and installing custom recoveries, they release it just days after the phone is officially released by Verizon. Some users had unlocking their bootloder via site, although not in the list of supported devices, they can still get the unlock file by selecting “All Other Supported Models”.


Then a few weeks later, a few users who tried to use the “Unlock_code.bin” file which generated and sent via email by HTC can’t be used for unlocking purpose, either by official or by using hasoon2000’s toolkit. No one knows why HTC doesn’t allow Droid Incredible LTE users to unlock their bootloader, might they want to match with the Galaxy S3 which is still locked, the problem also happened previously to HTC Rezound, but it supported by HTCDev few month later.

droid incredible unlocked bootloader

Image Credit : maqsur@xda-devs / HTC / Verizon


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