How to: Sprint LG G2 (LS980) root with Kingo app

Finally LG G2 has finally been released by Sprint last week with model number LS980, this is good news for Sprint customers who want to have this new LG flagship smartphone. There is no significant difference in this phone with other variant since all variants have similar hardware spec, the visible difference is on the software side, some of which that can be seen is the stock LG keyboard which doesn’t have Swype features, there’s no brightness slider in the notification/status bar drop down, additional option to disable CPU temperature limits, etc.


Because this device is released a bit later than the other variants, then this device development isn’t as active as others. It can be noticed as this app is not supported by IOroot exploit by thecubed, which previously has managed to give root privileges for almost all variants. So, in order to root Sprint LG G2 (LS980) we have to employ another exploit.

Update!! Now you can root Sprint G2 running the latest OTA update, follow this guide.

sprint lg g2 ls980 root

Fortunately, now we can use the Kingo app to root Sprint LG G2, this is good news for us, since we didn’t expect before that this universal root tool is also compatible for this smartphone. For those who have no idea what Kingo app is, this is a Windows-based root tool for dozens of android smartphone, the Kingo also has managed to gain root for new released devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Here are how to root the Sprint LG G2 with Kingo:

  1. Install LG G2 device drivers on your Windows PC, although this step can be handled by Kingo but we still advise a manual setup. For those who have problems with adb drivers specifically for Windows 8.1 users, you can try to use light adb installer here.
  2. Enable USB Debugging on your device.
  3. Grab the latest version of the Kingo Android root app from developers.
  4. Once installed just run the app, you’ll need to connect your Sprint LG G2 to PC now. In order to let Kingo recognize your device, put the phone in MTP mode instead of charging mode.
  5. Sprint LG G2 Kingo root

  6. If you have connected and recognized, there you’ll be able to see the root status of your device. Now press the root button to start the rooting process.
  7. When everything goes well, then you will see a “Root Succeeded!” message. Done, your Sprint LG G2 now has root, after that you can remove some bloatware to free up some space.



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