How to SIM Unlock LG Optimus G Pro and use it for any carriers worldwide

LG Optimus G Pro is the new LG flagship smartphone in 2013, which anticipated to boost LG prestige and also to compete with other phablet. This device is only available in a few countries such as Korea (F240), Japan (L-04E), India (E985) and in the U.S. exclusively available with AT&T (E980), so not everyone in the U.S. can get a chance to be able to own this new phablet device.


If you use a carrier other than AT&T, do not need to be sad, just like other devices, you can unlock the LG Optimus G Pro (E980) to be used with any GSM SIM card worldwide, as long as it has a same network band, when tested with a T-Mobile SIM card, this phone is able to get 4G LTE signal with super fast data transfer rate.

lg optimus g pro network sim unlock

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To check whether the AT&T Optimus G Pro is SIM unlocked, you can try to insert a SIM card from another GSM operator, when it boots up then you will be prompted to enter unlock PIN. You can get the network unlock PIN by calling the AT&T rep and ask if you are eligible to be unlocked, you will usually be given the unlock code if you have been active for at least 60 days, have no unpaid billing and have a good standing account.

Another problem comes from those who buy this device from someone else or buy it online from ebay or craiglist, and don’t have an AT&T account. If this is the problem that you are facing then you can follow the guide below on how to network unlock Optimus G Pro and use it around the world with any GSM carrier.

  1. Uncover your device’s IMEI number, it’s very easy to obtain, just type *#06# on the dial pad, the IMEI number will show up immediately.
  2. You can get the SIM unlock PIN/code from ebay or another provider with a very affordable price, you have to provide your IMEI number to them. Unlock PIN is usually consists of 16-digit unique number.
  3. Shut down the phone, insert your GSM SIM card then turn it on.
  4. After boot up you will see “SIM network unlock PIN” message. Now enter the 16-digit network unlock PIN, and tap Unlock button.
  5. When successful you will get “SIM network unlock successful” message on the LG Optimus G Pro (E980), now your phone will automatically reboot.


After booting up, your phone will never ask for unlock PIN again, and you will see signal bars revealing signal quality of your GSM operator. In case the data transfer isn’t working properly, then you need to change the APN.


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    Hi Robbie. I was trying to figure out how to use my lg optimus G pro with my t-mobile SIM card. thanks for the article. I am a little confused that you say it is that he 980 but you’re showing a white one. does it work with the white international version that has LTE as well? ultimate I would like would like a white lg optimus G pro with my t-mobile SIM card being able to use data and phone.

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