How to: easily root the LG G3 by utilizing one-click tool

Until now, there’s no official statement from LG about when the LG G3 smartphone will be released, on its official website, it’s still show coming soon, this can also be seen in major U.S. carriers websites like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. However, there are some lucky people from Asia who lucky enough to try and check out the greatness of this smartphone, they even succeeded to obtain root on the LG G3.


A member from xda – hoangnova, he post a guide on how to make the new LG G3 rooted, the guide taken from Vietnamese forums – Based on the thread on xda, he utilizes one-click tool which is easy to use. Actually, the root tool was made ​​for the LG Optimus G Pro, possibly because it has the same software structure, so the root tool could also work on the LG G3.

The LG G3 variant used here is the Korean version with model number LG-F400K, however, we hope that the tool could also work for other variants like the TMo (D851), AT&T (D850), VZW (VS985) and others. For those who already have the F400K, you can read the following guide:

  • LG G3 smartphone Korean version, with F400K10b software version.
  • USB debugging enabled, go to Settings -> Developers options.
  • The most recent version of LG USB Drivers.
  • A Windows-based PC/Notebook.
  • Download the one-click tool (
lg g3 rooted

Image: LG

Easily root LG G3 by utilizing one-click tool

  1. Extract the root tool in your computer, you should discover a couple of files there (Run.bat, adb.exe, AdbWinApi.dll, AdbWinUsbApi.dll,
  2. Attach the G3 to your computer via USB.
  3. Now, hit any key to start the rooting process, when it stuck at Waiting for device, that’s mean you might have drivers problem, reinstall the LG USB drivers.
  4. When the device is recognized, the tool will reboot your phone into recovery mode.
  5. As soon as getting into recovery, highlight the “Apply update from ADB” and hit the power button. The tool will send a root file into your LG G3.
  6. Once done, reboot the system.
  7. After fully boots up, install SuperSU from Play Store, it’s an app to manage superuser request. Open it, then finish the su binary installation, your LG G2 (LG-F400K) should rooted now.



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